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We are located in the Garfield Courts Professional Complex, just a bit east of downtown and Boardman Lake on S. Garfield Ave., south of 8th Street, between Hannah and Center Streets, on the west side between the AutoWash and TAAR Realtor’s Association. We’re in the center building, #812. Use the entrance marked Main Entrance, go up the stairs and straight back, and you’ll see our doors. Due to surrounding healthcare offices, this quiet area cannot accommodate cell phone conversations, and is reserved for scheduled clients only. Companions may choose to wait directly across the street at Edson Farms’ counter-service cafe. For the single-occupant unisex restrooms, turn left at the top of the stairs. There is no elevator; please let us know if you need off-site appointments* instead. [*Additional fees apply for off-site appointments.]

It would be an honor to be part of your processing loss in any number of areas of your life, from family members and loved ones including pets, to losses involving home, career, any type of relationship, or health. Jules has led numerous support groups, and continues to provide bereavement counseling/coaching on a one-to-one basis. There is absolutely no “correct” way to grieve, but this is probably not the right time for you to isolate yourself. Please reach out.

Definitely. Jules has extensive clinical experience as a therapist at the Women’s Resource Center and Addiction Treatment Services assisting people with many forms of anxiety including social anxiety, with depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder, and with Adverse Childhood Experiences including sexual violation in childhood or adulthood, regardless of gender. She holds a Trauma Specialist Certificate. Remember, even famous performers and professional athletes know the importance of involving objective experts in their journey. Emotional health takes skill, not “common sense”. Compared to the give-and-take of sharing thoughts with a confidante, you’ll probably find that when you talk with someone who you only ever see for the specific purpose of clearing your head, it can be quite liberating.

We use filaments that are so fine, they are difficult to even see. Since they are not hollow syringes, but are solid fibers comparable to a human hair in gauge, many people don’t even describe them as needles. Just imagine a mosquito bite: sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t. When the flexible metal threads are positioned, there may be a quick sensation of pressure, which causes the release of endorphins. This is one of the body’s natural feel-good/pain-fighting chemicals, which results in an immediate sense of wellbeing. It explains why so many visitors say that acupuncture is more relaxing than a massage. Acupuncture Specialists like Jules are “minimalists”, using placements barely beneath the surface of the skin, just enough so that they don’t fall out. This is NOT an “injection”. It’s LESS painful than pulling a hair from your scalp in nearly all cases. If one of the meridians (energy points) is bothersome, it can be removed and either repositioned or left out, if you choose. Feel free to ask for a trial treatment of just one point before deciding whether or not to move on to a full treatment.

Never ever. They are single-use, sterile, and factory-sealed. They’ll be opened in front of you, unless you prefer to not look at them, which is  some people’s preference. Jules is committed to you being entirely comfortable.

It’s unsurprising that results vary depending on what else is affecting your mind and body. Acupuncture would not be what it is in the world if it were not profoundly effective. For the treatment of acute conditions (which have lasted less than 2 weeks), results are more dramatic compared to the treatment of post-acute and chronic conditions (which have lasted over 2 weeks). For progressive conditions, the effectiveness may involve a halting of the worsening of the symptoms. Since only 10% of neurological function involves the 5 senses and thought, attempting to rely on that 10% to determine effectiveness is an unsound approach. While you may have instant relief, some subtle changes “from the inside-out” may be noticed within days of treatment. You may also notice changes “from the outside-in,” with symptoms fading, perhaps immediately, or within a week or so. These methods are not like a steroid injection, where you walk out of the office saying, “Great! My suffering has vanished!” Holistic treatments are more like the effects of vitamin D, similar to noticing the sun starting to come out. Your Clinician will assist you in building the mind-body connection that allows you to see how the sessions have helped.

Just the opposite: Many people come in for acupuncture prior to athletic activity, especially to improve their golf swing. You may be invigorated, so there’s no need to take it easy. Give your body fuel when it indicates needing it, and don’t be surprised when you naturally lose interest in toxins such as refined foods, alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. The body-mind connection you’ll be supporting is wise.

The Clinical Stress Relief and Counseling Center does not offer acupuncture theory training, only practical treatment. Some basic information may assist you in conceptualizing your sessions, such as the fact that acupuncture causes the release of endorphins, and dilates blood-flow channels, lower blood pressure and calming hypertension. . Specialized Acupuncture is the mind-focused branch of acupuncture, which is especially effective for chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, migraines, backaches, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Asian medicine does not separate the body from the mind in the treatment of gaps in wellness; symptoms are considered crucial information, and are not suppressed. As such, it’s challenging to explain Acupuncture in “modern” terms. Qi (pronounced “Chi”) is life-force energy which flows through the body, and can become blocked, stagnant, or depleted, to name just a few issues. Acupuncture is an energy modality which stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself, and can be a regulator for the body and mind.

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Practitioner, Jules Shellby is a Member in Good Standing with the American Counseling Association, and maintains strict compliance with the ACA Code of Ethics regarding not undertaking “dual relationships”, defined as providing counseling services to individuals with whom she has an “outside relationship”, (social/professional/filial). When treating individuals with whom Jules interacts away from the Center, such as acquaintances, friends, and colleagues, she gladly offers treatments which do not involve counseling or hypnotherapy, including holistic treatments including acupuncture, nutrition consulting, and private yoga.

The American Counseling Association (ACA), of which Jules is a Member, has determined that it is a violation of client confidentiality for counselors to be FB Friends with clients, lest someone would see that you’re Friends and assume that you know the counselor through your clinical relationship. Please consider Liking our professional page if you still choose to connect with us on Facebook.

Jules has two Master’s credentials in Mental Health, the second one being in Clinical Addiction Treatment. She has experience as an Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Therapist at a local addiction agency. Whether you are concerned about yourself or someone close to you, please don’t risk misinformation, or missing information. Addiction is a disease, not simply a behavior. Utilize professional support, with your confidentiality rigorously protected.

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